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My son wanted me to buy him a box of spicy chicken wings at the grocery store.

He had eaten it with a friend and he had loved.
Me, wicked mother, I told her no I was not buying it because I find that there is no meat after wings.
So I head to the meat counter and I asked him to make her quills drumsticks.
He again wants drumsticks already sprinkled with spices and a beautiful red color.
So I ended up winning my point by buying drumsticks nothing and promising that it would be as spicy wings.
It was not over, as he hid the rest of drumsticks that his father does not eat on his return from work.

To make love only you eat spicy, if not simply reduce the amount of cayenne pepper

12 chicken drumsticks
BBQ Seasoning 1/3 cup
1 c. Italian soup spice
1 c. cayenne tea
– Put all the spices in a large freezer bag and mix well.

-Add Drumsticks and shake well for drumsticks are well coated with spices.

-Make Your favorite way to cook.

-Préchauffer High power grill. Oil grill.

-Reduce The intensity of the grill to low heat. Grill the drumsticks about 20-25 minutes, turning regularly during cooking, or until the flesh separates easily from the bone.

-Préchauffer Oven to 400 ° F

Bake for around 55 minutes.
PS: The chicken is cooked when the internal temperature is 165 ° F (74 ° C)

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